Complete Design and General Construction Services

Northland Design & Construction, Inc., is not just any construction company, it’s a partnership established to enhance your surroundings through the design and building process. Whether it’s a residential construction project, a commercial design project or a music and arts festival, Northland Design & Construction meets the needs of its clients through collaboration and creativity.

"By the work one knows the workman." - Jean de la Fontaine

Our architecture and designs encompass all aspects of the arts. With a varied artistic background, Russ Bennett, founder of Northland Design & Construction, and his team of talented designers and builders, add a creative and holistic approach to every job.

The philosophy at Northland Design & Construction is to work towards the better good of our clients and our community. The architecture and designs we create reflect that in every way.

We believe that every project is a direct reflection of those who created it.



By the work, one knows the workman

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